Cardinal Grand Cross - April 23 2014

Here’s a fun experiment;

Get two long ropes & tie them together in the middle, forming an X or a cross. Lay out the four exposed ends. You & 3 of your friends each grab an end of the rope, and while pulling it, lean back as far as you can. In theory, if you’re all pulling with relatively the same force, you should all remain standing, and possibly even capable of pulling yourselves in to meet in the middle. But if one person isn’t in sync, you’ll all fall down.

Even though there is immense pressure at the point in the middle, the balance keeps everything standing. You need your opposing force to also move towards the middle if you plan to move. Ignoring one aspect just makes it harder on the rest.

There is an extremely rare and powerful event that has been brewing since December 27, 2013 (But slowly building since 2012) called a Grand Cross. This occurs when 4 planets square off/oppose each other. Since all of the signs involved in this are Cardinal signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
this event is called a Cardinal Grand Cross. The Cardinal signs represent leadership, initiation, starters, and identity.

Between April 20th and 24th the energies and vibrations of this Cardinal Grand Cross will be highest. Each planet will be 90 degrees apart from each other, and placed at 13 degrees in each sign. This planetary tug of war has us Earthlings caught in the middle - we are the knot in the ropes, getting pulled tighter and tighter. Similarly, while the world struggles, we each do individually, as we are each the centers of our own Universe.

4 is a highly symbolic number. It is the harsher circle, signifying balance & completion but with rougher edges to overcome. There are 4 seasons, elements, directions. They need each other in order for each to exist - they keep themselves in check. Houses are often built with a square-like foundation because it is believed to be strongest while offering the most space. I believe there is no coincidence that 4/14 (April 2014) will be a turning point in everyone’s lives - a time of restructuring what matters most to us, and realizing our deepest beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

13 is also incredibly symbolic. If 12 means balance (as it can be broken down to 3 and 4), 13 is the imbalance that “breaks the camels back”, the notice that change is coming whether you like it or not. (12 western astrology signs and Ophiuchus, 12 eastern astrology signs and The Cat, 12 disciples and Jesus, 12 months in a year but 13 moon cycles, etc.) 13 is perfect in the sense that you cannot escape it, no matter how hard people may try (like avoiding the 13th floor in a building). It is a Prime number, thus is only divisible by itself, symbolizing a sense of corruptible purity. In Tarot, the 13th Major Arcana card is Death, a card that speaks of new beginnings from the collapse of What Once Was.

Now is where it gets a little hard to swallow -

Uranus & Pluto have been squaring off in Aries & Capricorn (respectively) since June 2012 - this energy isn’t new to us, we’ve seen a great many social & political uprisings around the world since then. This square represents The Self vs. The Father/Work (figuratively and literally). Aries, the Self as I mentioned last week, is the youngest sign, full of new life, Naivety, Headstrong Behaviors and a Resilience to opposition that’s often beat out of us as we age. Aries is Fire, young fire, the type to rebel simply because it’s exciting, and willing to try new things just to see if they work. Capricorn is a dutybound sign, one that does not stray the course they’ve been given easily. They have a sense of honor and earthy stubbornness that does not bend well ~ Capricorn represents Authority, Order, Discipline, Doing What You Know Works Instead Of Something New, and for some of us a strong link to our Father (not necessarily a positive link, or a physical link even, just lessons you have learned from his presence/absence).

Jupiter joined the party by entering Cancer in June 2013. Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn, and thereby representing The Mother/Home in Astrology. Capricorn hands out punishment while Cancer is known for rewards. Cap can be cold and reserved, while Cancer is warm and open. Yet, when Cancer is overwhelming, Capricorn is grounding. Aries and Cancer are both young signs, driven by raw emotion and guttural impulses. When they understand each other, it’s playful and lighthearted and rejuvenating. When they don’t see eye to eye, it’s like boiling water on the stove - don’t touch it until it’s cooled down, and watch out for the steam.

Last but not least, Mars comes along with it’s aggressive nature in level-headed Libra to bring some supercharged ~masculine~ energy to this already tense soiree. It’s like, if Aries was trying to convince Mom & Dad to let them go out to this house party with friends, Libra shows up in the driveway with loud music & honks the horn for their friend to come outside. Probably not the best way to handle the situation, but Mars doesn’t care. As long as there’s something to do (and someone to do it with), Libra will be there. The Sweet-talker, to combat Capricorns sarcastic boldness. The charmer that soothes the worried mind of Cancer. That-Friend-Mom-And-Dad-Didn’t-Like-But-They-Tolerated-Anyway.
To refresh yourself on how Aries & Libra size up to each other, re-read this:

Quick notes about the planets involved; Uranus, planet of quick change and spontaneous rebellious energy, eclectic, erratic, nervous energy. Pluto, planet of slow change, established order, death/rebirth, inner strength/demons. Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck, generosity, joy/optimism. Mars, planet of aggression, passion, war, fighting spirit, initiation.

If Aries is the Child with us, the True Self that is inherently ours & free of limitations/expectations, Cancer is what we associate with Home, Libra what we associate with Others, and Capricorn what we associate with Work. We are quite literally stuck in the middle of 4 enormous forces in our lives that help to define who we are, why we do things, our motivations and our fears.

This Cardinal Grand Cross is that awkward situation in which everywhere you turn, you’re met with opposition. Nothing feels completely safe, nothing feels completely right, and everything needs to be recognized in order to grow. You don’t like your work, but you need money; You don’t like where you live, but you need shelter; You’re unsatisfied with your social life, but you need to feel like you belong; You don’t like who you are, but you still need to be you.

This is not the time to run away, or cut ties when the struggle picks up. If the Universe is presenting you with an obstacle, you are ready to face it. You are ready to take these steps, to walk away from what you thought was inevitable; You are the source of your own power, the knot in the ropes, the strongest and most forceful part of the entire cross. YOU make your Fate, not the other way around.

Growing up is no easy task. You’ve got people telling you what to do all the time, down to the first word you speak. Suddenly, at some point that stops, and it’s accepted that since they’ve directly told you what to do for so long (and indirectly shown you with their actions) that now you know how to proceed. That you would just know how to balance various aspects of your life simply because you’ve been exposed to “the norm” - The indirect effects of this result in invisible social, personal, and familial pressures that can scare even the most fearless wanderers. Some of the freest spirits I know are bogged down by routines they’re convinced are “right”, at the detriment to their passions, beliefs, and general well being. Survival, however we’d like to convince ourselves otherwise, is the source of most decision making. This isn’t good or bad, it just is; And it can change if we want it enough.

Think about one person singing - it’s loud, but easily ignored or drowned out. Think about 100 people singing. Then 1000. You see where I’m going? It may start with 1 voice, but a hundred thousand voices are much harder to control, let alone silence completely. Do not be afraid to use yours.

Have you ever seen The Neverending Story? (I’m going to assume you have) You recall how The Nothing was creeping in from all sides, and even though everyone was trying their hardest to escape it, nothing they did was effective. Some ran from it, others ignored it to remain comfortable, some even bravely challenged it without success. Bastien became frustrated, but so intrigued he could not put the book down. He believed he was simply a bystander, an observer to this story that played out before him - that he had no control. He watched as characters died, he watched pain and sadness overcome everyone he grew to understand and care about. He was confronted with uncomfortable truths and forced to deal with parts of himself he had never considered. SPOILER ALERT; We soon find out he controls the destiny of the story, only he has the power to save Fantasia ~ he didn’t want that power/responsibility, didn’t think he could use it properly, just like Atreyu in the beginning - and yet, with a lot of pressure, stress, fear, thunderstorms, screaming, tears, pain, and discomfort, HE SAVED THE WORLD.

Now go and save your own worlds. Balance on that knot in the middle of your chest, use it as a springboard to propel you into a more rewarding path. Shift your focus from what isn’t working to what is; within time, you too can build your own Fantasia, free from the previous restrictions you didn’t know were even there. It was indeed Bastien’s fear destroying Fantasia.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon - April 15th

I bet you know someone that just came out of a long term or deeply intimate relationship. Someone that put distance between themself and others they hold dear (physical, mental, or emotional distance). I bet you also know someone that fell head-over-heels for their lover within the last couple weeks ~ Spring Fever? Bad Timing? Or the powerful fucking Lunar Eclipse heading our way on Tuesday?

Hint; Probably a bit of everything but the Eclipse won’t make it any easier.

You know that feeling when you realize you left a band-aid on too long, it’s been through the shower a couple times and feels like it’s merged with your skin? It started off as a good move, a way to keep the junk from infecting the wound deeper. But then you kinda forgot about it, assumed it was doing it’s job, and now it feels superglued to your armhair. People can do this in relationships too; they get too comfortable, and don’t notice when something is starting to fester until it’s time to “let it breathe” and WOW THAT HURTS OW

The full Moon will be in Libra on Tuesday, April 15th. The Sun is currently and will still be in Aries that day. We will also be blessed & burdened with a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are symbolic of abrupt changes, such as secrets and emotional turmoil coming to light; They are also heavily invested in relationships, and often are a turning point within them that either drive people apart or closer together.

People will also tend to be under false pretenses at this time, should they be looking solely for superficial characteristics. For example, being together only because you look good that way, or one person totally compromising their personal growth for the comfort of the other. These things will most certainly explode & backfire should you get lost ~in the moment~.

Aries is a very ME oriented sign, as most Fire signs are. Libra however, is a more detached & sociable sign, representing the OTHER on this axis, an Air sign. Air feeds Fire, Fire needs Air, and together they can make a Sun or a Wildfire. This Lunar eclipse & Full Moon will deal with feelings that contradict within ourselves; how much are we really willing to compromise, sacrifice, or give up completely in order to maintain a relationship? What are we truly looking for in our relationships? What patterns am I perpetuating in relationships due to subconscious fears or learned behaviors?

Libra keeps Aries balanced. Aries keeps Libra from losing themself in other people, reminding them that Self-Care is a necessity to a healthy life. Recognizing flaws in others, that’s a terribly easy pastime. But recognizing them within ourselves is much harder, much more uncomfortable. Contentment, comfort, and familiarity are all wonderful things to strive for - but let them be for too long without question, and you will breed apathy, fear of change, and possessiveness. All relationships are fluid, changeable things that exist outside of and inside of ourselves. Allowing them to get to a stagnant state is dangerous for all parties involved.

Stay focused on you during the next 3 to 6 months, the time where the energy of this Eclipse will really be tested; However, don’t be selfish. Start thinking in a different way about things you’ve always held to be true - begin with questions, like “what do I fear about commitment” or “where is there the most pressure on me in this relationship” - change is good when you’re in control of it! You have more power than you realize! Negative self talk vibrates from within to outside, people pick up on that.

The lessons of Aries & Libra are about balancing the Self and Others. The Self as a toddler thinks of themself as the center of the universe; Others as a host would consider guests at a party. Beware the tendency for power imbalances - both cardinal signs can be bossy, unforgiving, and rude when confronted with something they believe to be frivolous or “not their fault”. If you’ve got these signs as your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, you’re in for some surging feels in those respective departments.

The last few months have given us all an opportunity to explore our deepest selves, what we’ve gathered about relationships and how we fit into them, how we can make them/ourselves better within or without partnerships (platonic or romantic or familial, all of them) Personally, I retreated from most social activities and neglected to keep up with many relationships, resulting in myself believing no one wanted to be around or with me. By pulling inward (due to fears mostly) I manifested the reality of those fears - and it’s one killer hole to try to climb out of.

I mentioned patterns before. Really pay attention to your tendencies in friendships and romantic relationships, what happens when they begin (how they begin) and what you’re feeling, what happens when they end, after they end, etc. How do you deal with someone being in your life for years & then suddenly not there at all? Have you ever cut someone out of your life as a way to preserve yourself? Do you value the people you’re involved with, or do you value how they make you feel - is there an imbalance? Are you compromising more than someone else?

Basically, it’s time to change the band-aid, but only by taking it off will you know just how well the wound is healing/not healing. Commit to the actions you choose & get to it.